Mendelssohn Complete Works for String Quartet Vol.3 (Meridian CDE84638)
String Quartet in Eb , Op.12
String Quartet in Eb, Op.44, No.3
Andante and Scherzo, Op.81 Nos. 1 and 2

Mendelssohn Complete Works for String Quartet Vol.2 (Meridian CDE84625)
String Quartet in A minor, Op. 13
Fuga Op.81
String Quartet in D Major, Op. 44, No. 1

Mendelssohn Complete Works For String Quartet Vol. 1 (Meridian CDE84618)
String Quartet in E minor, Op.44, No.2
Four Pieces for String Quartet, Op.81 (Capriccio)
String Quartet in F minor, Op.80

Ronald Corp String Quartets Nos. 1 & 2, Country Matters (Naxos 8.572578)
[with Martin Wilde]

“Well made and securely in an English tradition voiced with supple energy.”
Geoffrey Norris The Telegraph

Edmund Rubbra String Quartets Nos 1, 3, and 4 (Naxos 8.752555)

“This is surely music that will grow in stature, especially through these committed performances.”
Nicholas Kenyon The Observer

Gordon Jacob Chamber Music with Recorder (Naxos 8.572364)
[with Annabel Knight, Robin Bigwood, Fontanella]

“It’s obvious that they enjoyed making this recording and exploring the works they play.”
Mark Sealey Classical Net

Edmund Rubbra String Quartet No.2, Amoretti, Piano Trio No.1 (Naxos 8.752286)
[with Martin Roscoe and Charles Daniels]

“A superbly integrated reading of the absorbing Second Quartet.”

Ireland Sextet/Clarinet Trio/Fantasy Sonata/The Holy Boy (Naxos 8.570550)
[with Robert Plane, Sophia Rahman, Alice Neary and David Pyatt]

“A valuable, intriguing disc”
Calum MacDonald BBC Music Magazine

William Alwyn String Quartets Nos.1-3 (Naxos 8.555282)

“The Maggini’s performance is full of conviction and the recording balances clarity and atmosphere to something like perfection.”
BBC Music Magazine

Maxwell Davies Naxos String Quartets 9 & 10 (Naxos 8.557400)

“the crisp, clean and spacious recorded sound adds to the punch of a superbly performed disc.”
The Strad

Lennox Berkeley String Quartets Nos.1-3 (Naxos 8.570415)

“The Magginis’ passion for British music never ends, and they’re fierily eloquent in Berkeley’s three quartets.”
Geoff Brown The Times

Maxwell Davies Naxos String Quartets 7 & 8 (Naxos 8.557399)

“Two masterly quartets in masterful performances.”
Paul Riley BBC Music Magazine

Arnold String Quartets 1 & 2 (Naxos 8.557762)

“The Maggini is colonising British string quartets, and offering seldom-played works at Naxos’s budget price. This superbly recorded disc once again places us in its debt.”
David Denton The Strad

Rawsthorne String Quartets / Theme and Variations for 2 Violins (Naxos 8.570136)

“The Maggini’s performances are as deeply pondered as they are powerfully communicative: theirs is music-making of entrancing skill, cogent drive and tangible dedication.”
Andrew Achenbach Gramophone
Gramophone CD of the Month: May 2005

Ireland String Quartets (Naxos 8.557777)

“So hats off to the Maggini Quartet, who deliver performances of such infectious conviction, purposefulness and poise as to force me into a re-evaluation.”
Andrew Achenback Gramophone
Gramophone Editor’s Choice: August 2006

Maxwell Davies Naxos String Quartets 5 & 6 (Naxos 8557398)

“The Maggini Quartet are as authoratative as ever.”
The Guardian

Maxwell Davies Naxos String Quartets 3 & 4 (Naxos 8.557397)

“Such masterly writing requires playing of exceptional quality and here the Maggini is on stunning form.”
Julian Haylock The Strad

Frank Bridge String Quartets 2 & 4 and Phantasy Piano Quartet (Naxos 8.557283)
[with Martin Roscoe]

“These are exemplary, scrupulously prepared readings from the Magginis, who play with unquenchable fire, keen intelligence and immaculate polish throughout.”
Andrew Achenbach Gramophone
Gramophone CD of the Month: May 2005

Bliss Clarinet Quintet / String Quartet No.2  (Naxos 8.557394)
[with David Campbell]

“a sense of edgy regret pervades the performances by David Campbell and the Maggini Quartet, who correctly identify the harrowing slow movement as the emotional core.”
Andrew Clements The Guardian

Maxwell Davies Naxos String Quartets 1 & 2 (Naxos 8.557396)

“Stunningly brilliant and highly detailed performances.”
David Denton The Strad
Gramophone Editor’s Choice: Awards issue 2004


Frank Bridge String Quartets 1 & 3 (Naxos 8.557133)

“Exposure to these incandescent performances could help substantially in lifting the curtain on a composer of unusual individuality and fire.”
Geoff Brown The Times
Nominated for Grammy Award 2005

Bliss Oboe Quintet / Piano Quartet in A minor / Viola Sonata Op 91 (Naxos 8.555953)
[with Nicholas Daniel / Peter Donohoe / Martin Outram / Julian Rolton]

“This disc is clearly a must for the growing number of Bliss enthusiasts.”
Anthony Burton BBC Music Magazine

Bax String Quartet No 3 / Lyrical Interlude /Adagio (from SQ in E major) (Naxos 8.555953)
[with Garfield Jackson]

“Throughout, the sound is faithful in timbre and the balance most musically judged…don’t miss this outstanding disc.”
Andrew Achenbach Gramophone
Gramophone Editor’s Choice: January 2003

Bliss String Quartet No.1 / Conversations / String Quartet in A (Naxos 8.557108)
[with Nicholas Daniel / Michael Cox]

“These players, you feel, could make even a lamp-post weep.”
Geoff Brown The Times
Gramophone Editor’s Choice: September 2002
No.1 in The Top 20 ICMR Classical CD Chart: October 2002
Nominated for a Grammy Award 2004

Bax String Quartets Nos 1 & 2 (Naxos DDD 8.555282)

“The Maggini’s performance is full of conviction, and the recording balances clarity and atmosphere to something like perfection.”
Stephen Johnson BBC Music Magazine
Gramophone Editor’s Choice: January 2002

Vaughan Williams Quartets / Phantasy Quintet (Naxos DDD 8.555300)
[with Garfield Jackson]

“They play with great beauty of tone and variety of colour and with passionate expressiveness.”
Michael Oliver Gramophone
Gramophone Editor’s Choice: May 2001
Gramophone Chamber Music CD of the Year 2001

Walton Piano Quartet / String Quartet  (Naxos DDD 8.554646)
[with Peter Donohoe]

“Played with tremendous commitment by the impressive Maggini Quartet and Peter Donohoe.”
James Jolly Gramophone
Gramophone Editor’s Choice: July 2000
BBC Music Magazine Editor’s Choice: August 2000

Britten String Quartets Vol 2: No.3 / Simple Symphony  (Naxos 8.554360)
[with John Tattersdill]

“A triumphant finale to their Britten string quartet cycle.”
Classic CD
Classic CD Choice: November 1999
Gramophone Editor’s Choice: September 1999


Britten String Quartets Vol 1: Nos. 1 & 2 (Naxos 8.5537883)
“One shouldn’t do without this disc.”
Jean-Yves Bras Diapason France (December 1998)

Elgar Piano Quintet / String Quartet (Naxos DDD 8.553737)
[with Peter Donohoe]

“A performance which could certainly become a reference work from now on.”
Michel Fleury Diapason France
Diapason d’Or of the Year 1997

E J Moeran String Quartets / String Trio (Naxos DDD 8.554079)

“I do urge you to investigate this enterprising, hugely enjoyable collection.”
Gramophone Editor’s Choice: October 1997

Haydn String Quartets Op.77 Nos 1 & 2 / Op.103 (Claudio CR4627-2)

“A visit to the local record store is thoroughly recommended.”
Samuel Fischer Classic CD

Frank Bridge Works for String Quartet (Naxos DDD 8.553718)

“Unequivocally great art.”
Joe Conway The Strad

Schubert “Death and the Maiden” / D103 (1814) / Minuets & Trios (ASV – QS 6150)

“Genuine Schubertian feeling through sensitively controlled, clear textures.”
Nicholas Rast BBC Music Magazine

Szymanowski Quartets 1 and 2 / Grazyna Bacewicz Quartet No.4 (ASV – CDA 908)

“An exemplary balance of newer Polish chamber music.”
Frideman Leipold Fono Forum Germany
Gramophone Library choice

Haydn Op.33 Quartets (Simax/Grappa [Norway] PSC 1075)

“An example of intelligent and subtle penetration of Haydn’s personality.”
Repertoire des Disques Compacts France